Earning money from VIPKID referrals just got easier...

I encourage each and every VIPKID teacher to pursue using their own referral link and having the experience of getting the hefty cash incentive ($100) for a successful hire.


I want to offer teachers another way to benefit from referrals that takes the stress off of them. That's why I created the Joint Referral Program.

What is the Joint Referral Program?

The Joint Referral Program is a collaboration between me (Wil Turner) and you (a cooperating VIPKID teacher). Through this collaboration, we share the workload and the payoff of referring new teachers to the VIPKID platform.

As the cooperating VIPKID teacher, you:

  • Use my referral link to advertise VIPKID in whatever fashion you desire.

  • Receive $60 (60% of the regular incentive) from me via PayPal upon a successful referral completion

I, as the main referrer, will:

  • Provide 24/7 email support and resources to all new referred teachers, guiding them towards successful completion

  • Communicate the status changes of any of your referred teachers regularly

  • Send you the $60 as soon as the referred teacher teaches their first class and the incentive shows up in my portal

  • Keep the remaining $40 of the referral incentive for my continued support of the new referred teacher

As stated above, I completely encourage every VIPKID teacher to use their own code and seek out referrals. However, I made this program to attempt to help teachers who 1) are unable to put the time towards supporting referrals themselves or 2) are having difficulties helping their referrals reach the success stage.

It is important to mention that this program, fundamentally, comes down to this: you are deciding to use another VIPKID teacher's referral link under the agreement that they support the referrals and send you $60 of the $100 once the referred teacher succeeds in teaching their first class. This is a convenient way to experience the profit of successful referring without any of the support work yourself.

How do you track which referrals come from where?

Great question. Whenever a new referral pops into my teacher portal, I immediately send them an email with this Google form, where they indicate their email address and type which teacher provided their link.


The plus side to this is that you have access to the document where all the form responses go, which you can check at any time. The down side is that there is no guarantee the referred teacher will fill out the form. If it is a person who you know specifically you provided the link to, you can provide me with their name and I can accept that as proof that they came from you. Otherwise, the referral will default to me.