Why I Love Working Online with VIPKID

Since October 2017, I have worked as an online ESL teacher for the Chinese company VIPKID. It has been LIFE CHANGING. Here's why.

For one, the hundreds of thousands of students have eager parents who pay good money for the company's curriculum and access to foreign, native English-speaking teachers. Pay ranges from $15 to $25 per hour.

You set your own schedule entirely and teach in 30 minute time slots. You can schedule any times between 8 PM and 8 or 9 AM EST, depending on Daylight Savings Time (China doesn't recognize DST, so it varies throughout the year). You can work some of the oddest hours of the night or morning, and its a perfectly normal time of day for class in China.

It's very low prep. The entire class and curriculum is set up for you. You just have to take care of your teaching space, reviewing and preparing yourself to teach the material, whatever props and external tools you wish to use in class, and providing feedback afterwards. All from your pajamas and the comfort of your own home.

But most importantly, besides the logistics of why this job rocks, are the kids. Parents and students who like you keep booking you, and before you know it, you have regular students that you see every week or even every day or so. I've learned so much about my students' families and cultures, exposure and experience that I never would have accessed if not for this job. Also, while no curriculum is perfect, VIPKID has fine-tuned theirs extensively over the years and have a product that matches the skills and needs of the majority of their students. I have seen so much learning take place in my online classroom.

Contact me if you're interested in learning more about this job! The company is still in rapid growth mode, so they hire new teachers like crazy! Also, if you use me as your referral to the company, I will mentor you through the process. Check out these links for info:

Start your application to work for VIPKID with me as your referral:

My YouTube channel with many useful VIPKID videos:

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