Relax with Bald Eagles - LIVE

In our third grade classroom, we have been keeping up with a bald eagle family in southwest Florida. This is possible via the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam sponsored by Dick Pritchett Real Estate. This cam is extremely high quality, and never fails to be interesting when we turn it on. It is always kid appropriate - but there is likely to be a meal happening at any time or leftovers in the nest, so maybe not for the squeamish!

The video inspires a lot of questions from the students, especially since they have watched the two current offspring since they were born in December. They make keen observations about their behaviors as well as those of their parents. They observe the changes in the young eagles' appearance. They look so different with each passing day.

The most exciting part (and the reason that I have been checking in on them more frequently) is.....FIRST FLIGHTS SHOULD BE SOON! My heart may melt if I am logged on when the young eagles finally decide to take a dive out of their nest. My heart may break if it happens while I'm not logged in! I hope you enjoy checking out this cam. I highly recommend following the adventures of this nest each year, in your home or classroom. They are truly fascinating.

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