My first book is almost done!

Introducing my first-ever children's book, Do NOT Draw in this Book, guaranteed to be as morally compelling as is gimmicky!

I refuse to fall into the never-ending trap of drafting, editing, and revising over and over again for a number of years before being satisfied with the finished product! I have a to-do list of about 20 little adjustments here and there, and then this baby is going off to printing!

I am very passionate about this book and its message. These two little dudes live in the most empty, plain, and boring world (but they like it that way!) where nothing ever changes. Needless to say, nodding to my gimmicky comment earlier, all of that is about to change. They learn to work through their emotions and come to understand that "different" is not BAD. I cannot wait to read this to some of my little friends!

I went ahead and put up a pre-order option on the site shop in case anyone was interested. .

I expect to have this ready to go soon. This is my first adventure into the world of publishing. Wish me luck!

(P.S. I promise that this project was not just some long-winded pseudo-productive ploy to procrastinate from doing grad school homework. Really I promise...)

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