Mr. Wil Turned into the Cat in the Hat!

Read Across America (in my school system celebrated as “Read Day”) is one of my favorite events for kids. In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, students all across the country enjoy time dedicated to the most wonderful of things - the joy of READING! On this year’s Read Day, I went a little off the deep end... as a fully emerged Cat in the Hat!

The Cat in the Hat reading to students at Centro Hispano.

My adventure as this beloved character began with my after school program at Centro. The kids and I read “Horton Hears a Who” (one of my favorites) and had a great time with it!

The following day (Read Day), I got to take a break from being a student teacher and fully committed to being the Cat. I visited every classroom in my school (from Pre-K to 6th grade) and read one of Dr. Seuss’s books. Titles included "The Glunk that Got Thunk", "Ten Apples on Top", "Green Eggs and Ham", "Oh, The Places You'll Go", and more. In one classroom, I took a little bit of creative liberty on Seuss’s “Wocket in my Pocket” (check out the video above).

Then, since I just hadn’t had enough Cat in the Hat yet, I recorded read-aloud videos for both “The Cat in the Hat” and it’s Spanish version, “El Gato Ensombrerado”! These videos are available here on YouTube, along with many other picture book read-aloud I have posted.

The most amazing part about Read Day and this feline adventure of mine was how amazing it felt to see kids truly and totally INTO READING for such a grand day! Many smiles getting wider and brains getting bigger. I hope that you and your children or students also celebrated this marvelous day!

Thanks for reading!

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