3rd Grade Natural Resources WebQuest

Topics: Sustainability, renewable and nonrenewable resources, natural resources, regions, 


TN Social Studies Standards:

3.8 Interpret digital sources and informational text to describe how humans interact with their environment.

3.10 Trace the development of a product from its natural resource state to a finished product.

3.11 Analyze how natural resources have impacted the economy of each region and their connections to global trade.

3D Printing and STEM - Bilingual Vocabulary Pre-Cursor Online Module

Topics: 3D Printing, STEM, biomedical, construction, technology

This online module was designed to provided bilingual support to provide foundational knowledge for a visiting engineering group that brought 3D printers. English and Spanish definitions (as well as recorded voice dictation) Vocabulary included: 3D Solid Objects, Model, Plastic, Design, Geometry, Layers, Construction, Biomedical. Presented with images and videos. Journal response prompt at the end.